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Worried about how to get rid of a traffic ticket? Looking for a good local ticket lawyer? Call us NOW: 214 575 6060.

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Tagged with a speeding ticket?

Worried about how to get out of a speeding ticket? Looking for a good local ticket lawyer? Call us NOW: 214 575 6060.

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Trying to take care of a traffic ticket?

Worried about how to get out of a traffic ticket? Looking for a good local ticket lawyer? Call us NOW: 214 575 6060.

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Getting a traffic ticket in and around Dallas or Fort Worth doesn't always mean you have to pay a hefty fine or take defensive driving.

If no warrant has been issued for your arrest, then there are many options open to you, such as deferred adjudication, or in the best case, outright dismissal. Even if your traffic ticket is in warrant status, it's not the end of the world. We're tough negotiators, and we're often able to reduce fines and penalties to a fraction of the initial amount demanded; we'll post bond on your warrant and negotiate a deferred deal on the underlying charge!


We handle the following violations, among others...if you don't see your traffic violation listed CALL 214 575 6060!

Speeding, Speeding in a school zone, Speeding in a construction zone, Hand held phone in a school zone, Driving without a license, Driving while license suspended, Failure to wear seatbelt, Failure to use child restraint, Running a red light, Running a stop sign, Failure to Maintain Financial ​R​esponsibility, Expired Registration, Expired Inspection, Failure to signal, Failure to maintain a single lane...we once handled a ticket for riding with a live rooster as a front seat passenger, so just because it isn't listed doesn't mean we can't handle it.


Our firm has twenty-two years of combined experience litigating in Texas.

We know how to negotiate the best deal possible to reduce the financial and personal consequences of a traffic ticket to the absolute minimum. We're familiar with the city, county and state attorneys who prosecute traffic tickets, traffic warrants and speeding tickets in Dallas, Fort Worth and the surrounding cities and counties. We're quick and responsive, and we're affordable too.


You can keep a traffic ticket off your record, either through dismissal, or deferred adjudication.

While there may be an additional cost associated with keeping that record clean after deferred disposition, an expunction can be sought, if you move quickly. So don't delay, call us now and get started on keeping your driving record clean, and avoiding strikes against you that may make it difficult to renew your driver's license.

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